Monday, March 30, 2009

KnEe HiGhS

What fashion accessory goes with EVERYTHING?....
In the fashion world of Sera you are not fully dressed until you have on a funky pair of knee high socks!
She wears them everyday, prefers if they are showing, and the crazier, the better!
Even if you spot her with long pants on, underneath will be hiding a pair of knee highs!
Our SERA!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Mommy Alexa

Alexa is naturally a little mom.  She has had a bitty baby since she was 2 and it still goes everywhere with her.   We were talking about dream cars one day and hers is a mini van! (sera said a convertible!) When I asked her why a mini van, she said so it can hold all her kids and she likes how the doors open by themselves!  When Beckom was born she instatly took charge.  She will hold him FOREVER, change a diaper like it is no big deal, make sure he is always happy and loves him even when getting covered in any kind of bodily fluids.  They are no problem, just wipe them up and move on.  If we are in the car and he is crying, she can't stand it.  She tries everything to fix it!  
At the hospital with Beckom!

The birth of this baby has made Alexa the happiest little girl.  She wants to share her room with him, she is mad if he isn't in the car when she gets in from school and she misses him when she is gone.  I love it!

In our house on school nights the kids always lay out there clothes the night before.  The other night I went up and put them all to bed.  Then when in to get Beck's bed ready and this is what I found...

She had also laid out clothes for Beckom to wear the next day.

Here he is all dressed.  She was so proud!

She has a love for children of all ages.  I hope she knows how special this is!  We love you Alexa!!

I put these pictures on because he is just so cute in his rocker hat from my aunt and uncle!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break

This is a few things that we did over spring break.    We had a fun and relaxing few weeks.  We took some bike rides, went to the zoo, spent time in Payson, went to the cabin and had a great two weeks.

We started out by going to the Zoo with my parents and Wendy and her kids.  It was a fun day!

The kids and some cousins at the zoo

Beckom enjoying the zoo from his stroller

Grandma bought each kid their very own bag of cotton candy!  You can tell how excited and proud they each are to have their own bag!

We also went to the Cabin...

At the cabin Frankie's cousins built a zip line.  I think it was around 60 ft.  Here is Frankie getting ready to go.
Look close in the top of the tree, you can see Frankie.  If you enlarge the picture you can see the ladder on the side of the tree to get to the top.
Frankie on the zip line!

 Don't worry Frankie wasn't the only person to have fun!  The only proof I have of being on the zip line is this cute picture that Sera took of Alexa watching the baby during my turn!
This is Frankie's dad enjoying the ride!
The kids made homemade bird feeders.  Here is Alexa showing hers off.


My Tween Sera !

The kids got to enjoy an evening around the fire making Smores and roasting starburst(thanks McCuistions, my kids still love these)!

Frankie's cousin had some small Quads.  My kids were in Heaven.  Boston actually cried later that day because he wanted to ride more.  Who cares if it was pink. He still felt tough.

Glad he had a helmet on!  He drove right into a tree.  Must get his driving skills from his dad!

We had some great family time and now I am glad that school has started again!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A few things kids do to entertain themselves!

I need to play catch up on my blog.  Here are a few things that I found my kids doing over spring break to entertain themselves.
This is photography Sera style.  Frankie and I find pictures on our phones and the camera on a daily basis.  This picture made me laugh.  Not sure if she was trying to get a picture of the pacifier or the baby.  I guess it is time to get her own camera!
Alexa dressed Boston up like a girl.  I can't believe he went for it.  He quickly took it all off after a few pictures.  Notice the earrings and lipstick.  What a good sport.
Alexa is great at finding things to do.  I found her upstairs in the window sill with toys all set up and playing!
She said, "It is so pretty outside I wanted the toys to see".  She played there for over an hour!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beckom's Blessing Day

Last Sunday we blessed our little boy here at home.  We were surrounded by family and friends. We had 17 men that held the priesthood holding him while Frankie gave him a beautiful blessing .  It was a great day filled with the spirit.  Frankie's blessing was spiritual and powerful.  Thank you for doing such a great job!
Our little family!
Grandma and Grandpa Breinholt
Grandma and Papa Anderson
The little man 
Thank you to everyone who came and help make this day special.  We love you all!