Friday, May 22, 2009

My American Idol Fans

My kids LOVE American Idol.  They make us vote and  everything.  So we had American Idol nigh this week to watch the finale together.   Alexa and Boston each made a sign to hold for their favorite idol, alex's idea of course.  Sera was having a hard time making a decision (nothing new)!
Boston wanted Adam and Alexa wanted  "Cris"(Kris)

So as the show got ready to announce the winners they jumped up on the couch holding their signs up with total excitement chanting the person's name that they wanted to win...

When Kris was announced, Alexa screamed and Boston...

Threw his guitar on the ground, crumpled his sign,  started to cry and...
Hid under a pillow!

I never knew I had such BIG fans in my house.  Frankie and I couldn't stop laughing.  It was great to see them have so much fun with it.

What have we been up to...

This is us at Schnepf farms peach festival.  We took the kids out bright and early (before it was to hot)  and picked our own peaches.  When you get there you take a hay ride out to the orchard and then you can pick and eat all the peaches you want.  They were AMAZING!
The kids had a lot of fun finding just the right peaches in the trees.
My sister in law Wendy and I had a girls night while our husbands were at father and sons.  First we took the girls to get fun pedicures, then dinner.  The next morning Wendy was nice enough to take all the girls to the Hannah Montana movie while I stayed home with the baby!  It was a fun night!!!
If you look close at the girls toes you can guess who they are by the paint they picked.  

Sera is black with Polka dots
Alexa is green and white zebra stripes
Megan is pink with "SPARKLY" polka dots
Arie is blue plaid

To be able to fall asleep like a man....
Notice the baby looking at me!
Just a cute picture of my two boys hanging out!