Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lost some Adenoids brought home some Tubes

Beckom went back in for his second round of tubes Friday. This time they removed his Adenoids also. Here's hoping for a break from sickness and antibiotics. I'm keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed. The pictures are from Frankie's phone so they are not the best quality.
He loved the gown and socks. He was so excited, even at 6 am.
Walking in like a big boy
Talking to the doctors with daddy. When it was time for him to go back with the nurse he took her hand and carried his blankies and walked with her with a big smile. He did GREAT!
Waiting in recovery with his IV and a little Mickey Mouse on the IPad. He had a hard time for about 30 minutes. Then he was just mad for the next hour because they wouldn't take the IV out. As soon as they removed it that sweet smile came right back.

Recovery with the Adenoids is a little harder than just tubes. We had to stay at the surgical center a little longer and the recovery at home is harder. He has had a sore throat and mouth for a few days and a little fever. His ears were so bad when they went in there that they drained a lot of blood and infection for a few days along with some pain. He has done great. He tells me he is sick or has an ouchee. He takes his medicine and smiles most of the time. I can't wait to see if he will start to feel better!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School

Summer is officially over. We kicked off the school year with our annual back to school night. Dad built his fort in the family room, we had pizza, and watched a movie together with some "sticky" popcorn. I thought the kids wouldn't be to excited this year, (since they are getting SOO old) but they were begging to do it!
Hangin out in the fort with a few friends
When the first day of school arrived they were so excited. Boston set his own alarm and was so proud to get up on his own. We always start out the school year with a little"breakfast" cake!
Here they are ready to head out
Sporting the new shoes. I love how each one fits their personality perfectly.
Sera is in 6th grade this year. She is excited to have her first male teacher Mr. Bowers.
Boston is a big Second grader and Mrs. McCarty is his teacher this year
Miss Alex (with the lip gloss on ALWAYS) is in 4th grade with Mrs. Dillon

We are excited for a great school year. Beckom will even be going to playschool with his two cousins a few hours a week! Oh what am I going to do with myself!?!

A GRAND time in Arizona

Right before school started we took the kids for a little 2 night stay cation and the Arizona Grand. Misty and Bobby and their family, as well as our friends the Johnson's joined us. We had the best time. The resort has a lazy river, wave pool, two REALLY big slides (that I can't say I loved going down) and a kids pool and splash pad.
Each kid had a buddy to hang out with. So they could go do all the slides and fun stuff while we tried to keep the little ones happy in the wave pool.
Boston and Kamryn
Sera and Lauryn
Alexa and Grace
Beckom and Reed
We all had a great time and I am so glad the Misty and Bobby's family and our friends got to go with us. I hope to make this another tradition!

The last of the summer fun

Here is a few random things from the end of our summer!
I guess all the fun this summer wore this boy out! He fell asleep practically sitting up one evening. Love this kid!

This is Beckom when you change a stinky diaper. Lucky kid can cover up but mom still has to smell it. I guess its time to potty train!
All summer long you can find Beckom in the middle of my floor, with a long line of trucks.

We took the kids to a D-Backs game with Bostons baseball team. His coaches got free tickets for the entire family and planned a night we could all go together. We had a great time.
After HOURS of removing braids, this is what Sera looked like when she finally took out her braids from Mexico. Gotta love the 80's hair!

Swim Team Champions!

The kids had another successful summer in swim team! They get in great shape, enjoy their friends, and love doing it!

Sera had a great season. She went to divisional's and placed in the top 20 out of over 80 kids in all her races and made alternate for breaststroke for the championships! She raced in freestyle, backstroke and and breaststroke. Not bad for such a little squirt!! She is a great swimmer! Way to go Sera we are very proud of you and your great attitude and determination to do your best.

The Bos Man is a great swimmer. He LOOOOOOVES butterfly, hates breaststroke, and thinks that swim team is the best. He raced in the Championships in backstroke and butterfly. He got 4th overall in both races. He moved up to a new age group this year and was the youngest again. He never let it stop him. Way to go Boston!

Alexa has a love/hate for swim team. She is amazing at it, but doesn't really love doing it. She always goes with that winning smile. She also did Synchro this year and REALLY enjoyed it. Alexa qualified for the Championships this year in breaststroke and got 3rd. She got bumped up in age this year, just barely and couldn't swim with all the kids in her grade. She swam against girls that are in Sera's grade. We always joked that when they got up on the blocks she looked like she was swimming against amazon women! Way to go Alex I wish I could swim as good as you!
Boston and Alexa showing off their ribbons for their championship races