Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We all TRI.....ALMOST!

Frankie did the Deuces Wild Triathlon in Showlow. After taking a year off from races (not training), he did a GREAT job. It was really hot and made for a tough race. He continues to impress us with his determination and hard work.
1 mile swim
25 mile bike
finishing the 10K run
The finish line!!

The kids also did a duathlon. (run,bike,run)
Before the race
The race was 3/4 mile run, 3 mile bike, and 1/4 mile run
Boston is a STUD! This kid had to compete with the 7&8 year old kids(he is 6). He crossed the finish line 5th overall but didn't get a trophy because the kids that finished before him were the same age group. He has great stamina, he did so well because his last run time was still fast, he wasn't as tired. Way to go!
Alexa surprised us all. She is really competitive. She was the fastest girl OVERALL. That means she came in ahead of 12 year olds too. She got first place in her age group. She did awesome. We are very proud of her.
Sera had a very fast first run. Then she got on the bike and saw the HUGE hill she had to ride on. She had a little panic attack and couldn't breath.(we need to get her out on her bike more often) The amazing thing about Sera is that she didn't give up. A very nice stranger stayed with her and made sure she was ok and when we met up with her she was crying but still going. She finished the race and was very disappointed but learned a great lesson. DON'T give up. The other two girls in her age group had quit so Sera got first place. We are so proud of her for sticking to it. A little bike practice and she will be GREAT!
The finish line
Beck entertained himself in this little tree for at lease 30 minutes. Whatever keeps him happy at these events, right?

My family amazes me everyday. What a great example they ALL are to me. I guess I better set a goal and take a turn, dang it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Arizona Diamonds, a Bridge, and a BBQ

We Decided for Memorial weekend we would show the kids some activities that mom grew up doing in Arizona. We started out hunting for Arizona Diamonds. It was a great choice. They LOVED it!!
I told the kids to look up and Beckom raised his hands and yelled CHEESE!
Hunting for the "Diamonds"
Papa Joined us on the hunt
Here are a few of their favorite finds. They each got a bag full.

We also took them to hike the Natural Bridge
Down at the waterfall the beginning of our hike

This kid was in heaven. He took the lead with dad and you could hear "woohoo" echoing off the walls the entire time.
Standing in a little cave half way there
We made it to the bridge!
The end of the hike.
My kids did great. Frankie showed no mercy and hiked it fast. They kept up. Poor Beckom rubbed his sunblock in his eyes and by the end was crying. He was a trooper until his eyes swelled up.

We hiked the back way and my kids loved it. We set a goal to take the kids on an adventure all summer to see things that I grew up doing. Next up....a waterfall hike!

On Monday we came back home and had a BBQ and a little swimming

After dinner we took the kids to see Frankie's Grandpa's Grave and leave some flowers.

Nothing like ending a busy weekend with a cone from Dairy Queen!

Goin' Buggy

School's out and the second grade put on a very cute play for all of us the last week.
Alexa did a great job. She had all the songs memorized along with EVERYONE'S lines. She has an amazing memory. It was cute to watch her mouth all the lines as everyone was saying them. Good Job Alex!
My cute boys playing before the play started!