Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ethan's Run

We participated in Ethan's Run as a family a few weeks ago.  Frankie's Friend lost a baby to heart disease and they sponsored this run to help raise money for research.  The kids and I ran the 1 mile family run.  I did run the entire thing but the kids kicked my booty.  Beckom and I finished behind them.  Next time I will get them.  They did great and Sera's friend Randi ran with us too.
Frankie ran the 10k.  It was a tough course with a lot of hills and he did Awesome.  This time he finished in  44min.  Great job Honey!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Give a Day, Get a Day....

My Family Participated in Disney's Give a Day, Get a Day Service.  We got to make Bundles of Hope for the Chandler Fire Department.  My kids each picked an age group and we put together a backpack full of items that someone would need if they had just lost everything to fire.  Thanks to my mom for all of her help.  We could not have done it with out her!
The kids were so excited to load up the backpacks.  They places the items very carefully and thoughtfully.  Each one added something that was special to them in their bag.  Then we drove them to the fire department and handed them in.

It was a GREAT experience for our family.  I loved watching my kids do service for others.

We are going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

President's Day means no school and a trip to the zoo...
My sister and her boys came with us and my cute neighbor Grant
Of course we have to go to the petting zoo
Sera climbing on the ropes
Alexa being a monkey
Boston showing off his hanging skills
Lincoln and Beckom grinning at each other

We had a fun day.  The kids love the zoo and I like to see the kids happy so that makes it a GREAT day!

Valentine's Day

Here are my cute valentines looking at their gifts with Flowers from Dad and enjoying our traditional PINK breakfast.

That's right, everything we eat is pink!
And Here is my SPECIAL cookie that Frankie decorated!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boston lost his first tooth

Boston has been saying that this tooth was loose for about 2 years.  We are glad the tooth fairy finally got to visit.  And to make it even better he lost it at school.  That means he was the cool kid in kindergarten for the day and the nurse gave him this AWESOME case to keep his tooth in.  He asked the tooth fairy to please take the tooth and leave the case.  He is always a thinker!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Basketball and Our Naked Fighters!!

Boston played basketball again this year.  He is doing GREAT!
We can't believe the difference from last year.  He is scoring, rebounding and playing defense.  Way to go Bubba!
If you know these two, this picture almost speaks for itself.....
They call themselves the "Naked Fighters".  They have full on wrestling matches!

Should I be worried that my almost 8 year old loves to run around in her underwear??  She is definitely full of personality.....

Articles of Faith

Sera memorized ALL 13 articles of Faith!
We are so proud of her.  She did this all on her own. We actually didn't even know they were doing a big reception for all the kids who memorized them.  She obviously did!  The Stake Primary put on a big reception for all of the kids who memorized and passed them off.  We had no idea it was such a big deal. We were all in the chapel for talks and a slide show.  Then they had all the children come up on the stand when they read their name.  The Stake presidency was there to shake their hand after they got called up in front.  I was so proud of her.  We are very lucky to have her in our home.  She is a great example to all of us.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Running, Running, Running

I am not exactly sure how this happened but I am surrounded by runners.  I have never liked to run, never really do it, in fact I am not good at it.  Everyone else in my house has a love and a talent for it.  I guess it is time to join in, I am going to get left behind in this house....

Running Club has started.  This means very happy kids at my house.  The first race was a lot of fun.  Sera was the pro, knowing exactly what to expect, Alexa always has her self assured smile ready to go and Boston was excited and nervous to do his first race.  They did great.

Sera and Alexa both got a 3rd place ribbon in their age group and Boston got 5th.

The second race was also a success.  They race with over 300 kids.  It is CRAZY!!  Sera came in 16th overall for all the girls  winning a 4th place ribbon in her age group (competitive age).  Alexa came in top 40 overall winning a 2nd place in her age and boston came in top 150 for boys winning a 3rd place.
I love that they love to run.  Way to go guys!
And for their Great running example...Dad!  He sets a great example for the kids and I.  We are so proud of him.  
He did the 10k London's run.  He finished in 42 min, and that was while he was sick!  He earned a  3rd place in his age group.  Now we all see where the kids get the talent from.  Way to go Frankie!!
Even this little guy runs circles around me or keeps me running in circles.  Either way I guess it is time to join the runners.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Fun

A few weeks ago during all the big storms we decided to go to my parents to play in the snow.  After a very long drive due to weather and road closures we made it.  It was worth it.  The snow was great and we never had to leave my parents house.
Boston could have played ALL day

Sera and Beckom getting ready to slide down the hill on a tube

Alexa with her great smile

Daddy and Beckom

The Boys

The Girls

The kids all made a snow fort (thanks to Aunt Wendy)  It was great.  We brought them out hot chocolate and homemade cinnamon rolls to eat in the fort.
This picture is for Trevor.  He had to wear Sera's new fashion accessory(must be worn with the knee high's).  The fake glasses.  He wore them all day.

It was a great weekend.  Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us crash your house!

Mr. Independent

How does my cute baby get this face ALL the time?

Because he will only eat if he can feed himself with a spoon and it has to be in a bowl or on a plate.  As you can see, he does better if he finishes it off like a puppy!