Friday, December 17, 2010


After Thanksgiving we left for California! The kids had done the give a day get a day program earlier in the year. So off we went to use our Disneyland tickets.
California Adventure was first and it was COLD! It was not crowded at all and we got to ride all the big rides several times.
The Tower of Terror was a big hit for the kids. Not so much for me. In the picture they take Sera has a huge smile and I am wrapped around her holding on for dear life. I don't like that drop feeling.
Beckom was a great sport. He loved the "go go's" and all the characters. His favorite thing was the spinning tea cups and ladybugs. He laughed so hard my kids could hardly breath they were laughing at him so much.
Bear country..... Beck loved the Bears
Toy Story 3-D. The longest line we had to wait in.
The light parade. We were freezing. After the parade we went to the new World Of Color show. It was amazing. We almost left before it started because we were cold. So glad we waited, it was worth it.

The second day was Disneyland and the weather was PERFECT. The crowds were small and the christmas decorations were great. "It's a Small World" at Christmas is really beautiful. Again we got to ride our favorites at least two times.
Frankie and the kids waiting for the Christmas Parade to start. The Firework and fake snow that night were a lot of fun. The kids loved it all.
Beck on another favorite. The Carousel.
Handsome Boston
Alexa and her fun hat
Sera the mouse
Riding the teacups AGAIN to laugh with Beckom
And he finally gave in and fell asleep. Still eating his popcorn.....
We had a great time. The kids were so happy. It was a fun way to kick off the Christmas season.
Here is Beckom on the drive home. It is amazing that he fell asleep. This doesn't happen. Notice the sucker and the drool. I think we wore him out.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Dancer

Alexa had a Christmas dance show. She loves it. She is always dancing around the house. It was great to go see what she has been learning. Grace and her take dance together and LOVE it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We started out with our traditional Turkey Trot! The kids and I ran the 2 mile family run and Frankie did the 10K.
Here we are after our run. My kids did great as always, and I didn't stop. That is amazing for me.
Mike and Stacey's family ran also. Here are all the cute kids after the race.
Frankie finishing his run. He has been running a lot lately and did a great job!
We like this tradition, a good way to start out the day.

Then it was off to Payson for our feast
Here is Grandma and Papa with all the grandkids but 3
My brothers and sister with my parents
The entire gang!

It was a great day with awesome food, tons of kids, and fun games!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Boston!

Boston Turned 7 on Novemeber 20th. He wanted a colorful cake with blue frosting "like bubble gum", a ripstick, and to go to disneyland!
We took him and his cousin Kamryn to peter piper with his grandparents for a little party
The cake ended up pretty colorful, and it tasted good!
He got a ripstick and my nice neighbor Ansel came over to help him learn how to ride. This thing is hard to do. Boston has worked very hard and can actually ride. He is getting better everyday!
Here are a few things about our Bubba:
He is still my buddy
He is very sweet and sensitive
He loved to play sports
He loved to wrestle and play with anyone he can get to
He wants to be the smartest in school and it drives him crazy if he isn't
He wanted to be in the hardest reading group in first grade and worked hard until he was (he also asked his teacher everyday if he could be moved up)
He loves church and his primary teacher brother Bigler
He loves his little brother and will play with him ALL the time
He loves the colors blue, orange and black
He is a hard worker and will always help his Dad or I

We love you Bubba! Happy Birthday!

The new do!

Alexa has never been a long hair kind of girl. For all those that know her, you know she also knows EXACTLY what she is wearing and looking like at all times! I made her a deal about a year and a half ago. If she would let her hair grow then when it got a certain length if she still didn't like it she could cut it. She picked the length and the day she noticed it was there she started begging to cut it off. After weeks I finally gave in. She couldn't be happier!!

She loves it!! I do have to say, she is pretty cute with short hair. Now she wants it shorter!!

Veterans Day

Our student body secretary gave a speech to the entire student body at a school assembly. She wrote her speech, got up and did a great job. I think I was more nervous than her! She gave her speech on how veterans benefit us. She of course was AMAZING!
The next morning our ward had a bike parade. The kids decrated their bikes and off we went. So cute.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A hillbilly, an old lady, a werewolf and a little Nacho Libre

Halloween Breinholt style!!

Sera the hillbilly
Alexa the old lady (she gets all the credit for this one!!)
Boston the Werewolf
And our own Nacho Libre
We had a big ward party on Saturday night. Games, bounce house, chili cook off. Then we got to trick or treat around the neighborhood.
Here is my group of Trick or Treaters minus 2 older and 2 babies!!
We came back to my house for some carmel popcorn and cider.
Then a halloween movie with a few sleepers.

We had a fun night! The kids even scored several king size candy bars in this neighborhood. They loved it!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Time

Its that time again! This year Frankie and Sera (with a LOT of help) carved. Everyone else painted their pumpkins .
Here are my cute kids after enjoying carmel apples and decorating pumpkins
Sera's pumpkin
Alexa's pumpkin
Boston's pumpkin
I don't know if Beckom got more paint on him or the pumpkin