Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My kids are lucky enough to always have two Easters. We go to Payson with Grandpa and Grandma Anderson on Saturday and picnic and hunt for eggs with all the cousins.
Here they are ready to fins all the eggs!

Sera was a lucky GOLDEN egg winner this year. Grandpa is really sneaky at hiding them!
Here they are Easter morning all dressed up!

Sera with her Basket
Miss Alex
Boss Man
Beck wanting his "tandy" for breakfast
Then it was party number two at our house with the Breinholts. Great dinner with another egg hunt. My kids get spoiled!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's that time of year again. Recitals, parties, all the end of the year craziness! Alexa had her dance recital and did and Excellent job!
She performed 3 numbers!
Had a great smile!
And loved every minute of it. She took dance this year with her cousin Grace. Taking dance with your cousin always makes it an even better time. Here are the two beautiful girls after the show. Daddy got Alex some pretty purple Lilly's for a job well done!

Monday, May 2, 2011

ALEXA IS ALL GROWN UP!!! Or so she thinks!

On April 16th this Girly turned 9. And what a party she had. Of course would you expect any thing less from Alexa? She named it "Alexa's Fabulous Spa"!
She greeted all these cute girls at the door and welcomed them into the "waiting room" of the spa where they could have some treats and read magazines.

Aunt Stacey stopped by to see of she could help with the Little Beck man but as you could see he didn't think that was a good idea! Roman wasn't liking it either....are these two the babies or something??
As the Girls arrived they signed in so that they could rotate to the facial station, hair bows, and glitter toes!

Some of my Cute Beehives from church came to give the girls the facials. They did awesome! Head and foot massage, music playing, warm towels, and lots of giggles!

My friend Kristina came and did the glitter toes. She is a trooper. She sat there all night and did 17 set of glitter toes! WHEW!!
Aunt Shelley ran the Hair bow station so how could they not be FABULOUS!
Birthday Girl with her facial on
Sitting in all her birthday loot
This next picture cracks me up. Aunt Wendy could not have taken the picture at a more perfect moment. OPENING the JUSTIN BIEBER shirt!!!! You should have heard the screams from all the girls in the room. You would have thought the kid had just walked into my house.
Grace and Arie both got Alexa a J.B. shirt. Are these three girls best friend or what? They know each other so well. I love that these cousins can be best friends.
With all the girls Alexa invited, some siblings, my helpers, sera's friends and a few extras that came the day of, we ended up with 23 girls at my house for about 4 hours. We had a great time with a movie and pizza mixed in too! Alexa is a true social girl and loved every minute of it. Thanks to everyone that helped me.... I was way to outnumbered on this one. Without you guys I wouldn't have made it!!

The next day was Alexa's Actual birthday. I was a little worn out! She was ready to party all over again! She got a new swim suit, purple of course (J.B.'s favorite color).
A Barbie, I love that she still like playing with them.
And a big suprise, A NEW bike!
She always gets the hand me downs so she was so excited!

We had her open her presents after dinner and then told her to go get ready for bed. She looked really disappointed. Hiding on her bed..... a BIKE!
She took it out for a night ride with her purple basket!

Some cute things about Alexa at 9:
she still loves to read mostly mystery and "scary" stories
she is an EXCELLENT student
she is very social
she loves fashion
she loves dolls
she loves her American girl doll and Bitty Baby (still)
She loves to swim, run, dance
she is VERY VERY competitive
she is naturally motherly
she writes very good stories
very obedient
She is obsessed with Justin Bieber
she loves the color purple
she likes to sew
she will do anything for Beckom
She knows what Beckom needs without me even having to ask
her smile can light up the entire room
We love you Bug Happy Birthday!!