Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Christmas Traditions

The month of December is filled with traditions in our house. It keeps us busy and the kids love it.

Traditions are important to me and as the kids get older they help me realize how important they are to them also. They make sure we do them all. Its fun to know that these are the things they will remember (I hope).

The boys setting up the Christmas train
Letters to Santa are always a good thing. Santa needs a little heads up on what to buy. We write our letters and then finish up the night with some yummy hot chocolate.
Alexa's Dance class put on a little Christmas show for us
She did great and loves to do it
Beckom's preschool did a Christmas show
Yes, my son has on moon boots and kleenex hanging out of his pocket. What can I say, he has a lot of personality.
H loves going to class with his cousins Reed and Roman. They have a great time together.
We did our traditional Temple lights with Hot Chocolate after
This year I took all my Beehives with us. Such cute,fun girls!
Yes, Sera is the same age. She is just tiny!
The group at the lights
We had our old fashioned Christmas. Dinner by candle light to kick it off.
Then we made our own ornaments and decorated our tree. We had a live one this year and I loved having the smell in the house.
We decorated mini houses this year for our Gingerbread night. It was a lot of fun and easier for the kids to do on there own.

Beckom actually decorated and didn't just eat all of his candy
We did our Annual Christmas Carol at Hale Theater
This was Beck's first year going with us. He LOVED it and did a great job!
And of course we had to go to Joe's BBQ after the play...wouldn't be tradition without it!
I love Christmas time and spending so much time with my family.