Friday, December 23, 2011

BOSTON's BIG DAY! (And Beckom's too)

What a great day this was. My little buddy got Baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This kid has the best spirit and the sweetest heart. You could feel his joy and excitement.
His dad baptized him and Grandpa Anderson Confirmed him. Alexa asked if she could give a talk and did an AMAZING job. The baptism was shared with the Allen family so it was done in the Chapel. Alexa got right up to that podium like it was nothing. Aunt Niki and Abby sang a beautiful song. It was a very special day. The next fast sunday when this boy got up and bore his testimony I was so proud. He sounded like a missionary. What a great kid.

After the Baptism we headed home to Celebrate both boys Birthday. My Amazing cousin Bri made the invites and I LOVE them.


We set up stations the kids could play and earn prizes.
Bean bag toss
Donut on a string
Giant Bowling and Go fish
We also had a Hot Dog Stand with Chili dogs.
The most exciting moment.... When the pony arrived for Pony rides!

It was a hit. The kids loved it!

It was a very special day that ended great!

Happy Birthday Bubba!

This young man had a very special Birthday this year! He turned 8!
He had a little birthday at home with his favorite dinner (pasta) and his grandparents.
He picked Texas sheet cake for dessert and then opened his presents. His BIG party was a few weeks later
A few special things about Boston:
He has always been easy going
He has a great sense of humor and loves to tell jokes
He makes up jokes all the time
He is very sensitive and thoughtful
He is his little brothers BEST FRIEND
He always does his very best in everything
He loves to play sports: football, baseball, basketball
He always gets the sportsmanship award
Whenever I can't find Beckom he is always with Boston
Boston is great at yard work, he mows ALL the lawns, does a great job and loves to help his dad
He is very responsible
We are so Lucky to have this boy in our family. He is a very good example to all of us and we love him so much. Happy Birthday Bubba!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Visit

Just before Thanksgiving we went to visit Santa. He was great. He took the time to talk to each kid. I love that he reminded them to respect Mom and clean up all their messes.
After our family picture we attempted to do......
Pretty successful for that many kids! Ashley put it all together to surprise Grandma Breinholt.


Its almost Christmas and I am finally getting to Halloween. That's about right for me!

We did our annual pumpkin decorating night and Carmel apples. The kids always do a great job and are very creative.
I think Beckom had more fun decorating himself
Alexas was complete with a mustache this year
Boston made Frankenstein (or is that him??)
Beckom is just full of a lot of paint
Sera is the only one to choose to carve. I love her sense of Humor.
Then the big night
"Mr. Incredible" showing of his Muscles
Alexa likes the scary stuff. She is a Vampire Bride!
Sera decided to be "Neon Girl"I think she ended up a little like Lady Gaga
Boston the Scary Skeleton
We win the award for Hottest couple of the year
What were we thinking?? The kids LOVED it!
Frankie's Grandma showed up like this and we didn't even know who she was. So cute!
We went to Mike and Stacey's this year and the kids loved trick or treated with the cousins

Monday, December 12, 2011

Go, Go, G-O!!

Mountain View Cheerleaders do a fundraiser every year where they let little girls be a cheerleader for a day.
Alexa got to spend the afternoon with the Cheerleaders learning cheers. They got a pizza dinner, T-shirt and shorts.
This isn't even half the girls that were out there. It was so fun!
Here is Alexa with a few of her cute friends, Brooke and Keagan.
She had a great time!