Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Christmas Carol

Every year we take the kids to see A Christmas Carol at the Hale Theater.  This year we took Grandma and Grandpa with us.  It was a great afternoon and one of our favorite traditions.  


As you can tell I am trying to catch up on all of the christmas activities...

This year for the Anderson family we went to the temple lights and then back to Mike and Stacey's for the gift exchange.  We exchanged hot chocolate mugs and then had hot chocolate in them after the lights.
My family at the lights
All the Anderson Cousins (minus 3 babies and 3 grown girls in Utah)

A Few days later I had the Breinholt Party at my house.  We had mexican food, grandma reading a christmas story
The Nativity with Scriptures read by Grandpa

And then the kids did a sock exchange.

It was great to spend time with the families during the holiday's.  We had a lot of fun.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I can't believe he is 1...

On December 16th our little man turned 1.  I can't believe it!
Opening his first gift
Eating his cake.  He started out with a spoon because he thinks he has to eat everything with one.
Then he discovered it works much better to shove it in!

This little guy does not lack for love in this house.  Everything he does he has an audience.  We are so grateful he joined our family.  

At one he is...

Only 17.5 lbs
started taking his first steps on his birthday
eats anything but loves oranges, blueberries, zucchini, and fruit snacks
Has 2 big teeth on top and 2 on the bottom
FINALLY sleeps all night and takes a good nap
loves to laugh
loves to babble all day
says momma and dadda
is a HUGE daddy's boy

He is usually in a great mood.  If he is grumpy then you know he needs food or sleep.  He is really feisty  and  busy.  Happy Birthday Little Man!!

Kindergarten program and a Jingle Jog

Boston put on a Christmas show at school.  We got to listen to them sing some cute songs and then we built gingerbread houses.  It is always fun to go to school.  He practiced his songs at home all week.  He wanted to make sure he didn't forget the reindeer's names.  He did a GREAT job!
My kids school also puts on a Jingle Jog every year.  They Get to buy Jingle bells and then we run around the school.  They LOVE it!
First we ran with Alexa and Boston.  Alexa had to push the baby the entire time.  Boston took off and got way ahead.  That kid can run.  He never stopped.
Then it was Sera's turn.  Daddy and her kicked my booty!  I will get them next year...

Annual gingerbread competition

For a few years we have gotten together with some of the family to make gingerbread houses.  We break up in teams and build.  It is always a fun night.  The kids love it and do a great job.
Here is some of the group.  Thanks everyone for making it so fun!

Christmas Dance Recital

I am behind in my posting.  Before Christmas Alexa performed in the Christmas show for her dance studio.  She did a great job, and LOVES doing it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa Time

After asking for a camera, zhu zhu pet, and water color changing cars, we took a picture.  Beckom didn't cry until the very end and then only a whimper.  I think it was because his big brother sweetly held his hand the entire time.  Seeing Santa was a success.  How could it not be with such great kids!

Just because.....

He is so cute!

This little boy won't even try to walk for us. But, drive by our house anytime and you will see him going up and down the streets, sidewalks, and driveway on this red bike.  He sits and pushes it for hours.  Could he get any cuter?

I sent them to school looking like this???

Good thing it was crazy dress day at school.  It was definitely the favorite day.
(no I did not have another child, that would be our neighbor Brig!)
Good thing Sera loves knee highs.  We had enough to go around!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Night

My Dad invited my sister and I out on a date.  He bought us dinner and took us to see the Phantom of the Opera!!!
It was a fun night.  Embarrassing my dad by taking pictures before it started and the woman next to my sister that sang at the top of her lungs the entire time made it even better.  I have the best dad!  We had an Amazing night.  Thanks Dad, I hope we get to do this more often.

We are the champions!!!...

This is Boston's undefeated football team.  The Cardinals!   Thanks to a great team and a great coach we had a fun season.  They won division Champions for 5-7 year olds!
Boston with his trophy
Here he is playing.    Boston improved a ton this year.  His coach taught them trick plays, had a play book and made it a lot of fun.  Way to go BUBBA!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A few things about Boston...
Boston is a great kid. He loves to ride his bike, play sports, run, swim, and just be a boy.  He is VERY sweet and thoughtful.  He is protective of his two sisters and takes great care of his little brother.  He is an amazing student at school.  He is already reading and taking AR tests this year.  We love him and could not imagine out home without his smile to brighten our day.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Veterans Day movie night

With no school on Veterans Day we had a last minute movie night with a few friends.  They all wore pajamas and we made carmel popcorn.  After the movie the PARTY really got started.....
When I can get on Frankie's computer I will post video of the dancing that took place.  It kept Frankie and I laughing for a long time.  The kids were FULL of energy and we had a blast.

Daddy's cute date

I think this may have been the cutest date Frankie has had in a while!  They got to go to a western jamboree for achievement days.  Dinner, line dancing, square dancing and just a lot of fun.  They had a great night!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Keeping my fingers crossed....

Yesterday our little man got tubes in both of his ears.  After having 10 double ear infections (he isn't even 11 months yet) and fluid that would not go away, the Dr finally put them in.   A happy day in my house.  Maybe we can finally sleep (he gets up 2 to 3 times) through the night and take regular naps.  Maybe I will get my brain back.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!!
Enjoying his bubbles.  This is his beard....
And this is how he got it!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween

My cute kids did there own pumpkins this year.  Boston and Sera wanted to carve and Alexa wanted to paint.  They cleaned them out, designed and carved.  It was a lot of fun!
We had a family of clowns this year.

I have to give credit to Frankie this year.  He painted the faces on 98% of the clowns!  Good job, they look A LOT better than my art work would have been.  
We had a fun Halloween in our neighborhood.   A block party for dinner, then trick or treating and back to my house for carmel apple cider and popcorn.

The kids all got the idea of a clown from Beckom.  They wanted to match.  He isn't loved around here is he???  

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Boston won the award for Terrific Kid in school last week.  He was 1 of 5 students in the entire school.  We were so proud of him.  He loves school, and always wants to do his best.  Way to go Bubba!!
This is his teacher Ms. Steingraber who nominated him.  I want to put the letter that she wrote about him on here so that we can remember his special day.  The principle read the letter and gave him his award at a lunch assembly.

"Boston is a well-rounded kindergartner.  Boston's smile lights up his class everyday and brings much pleasure to his teacher and classmates.  He is always willing to volunteer in class and try his best.  Boston has earned many Weinberg horseshoes for respect and responsibility.  Boston is well-liked by his classmates and shows leadership qualities.  Boston is definitely a Kindergarten terrific kid!"

Thanks Boston for being such a GREAT kid.  Mom and Dad are very proud of you and  your desire to always do your best.  We love you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Break=cabin, swine flu, Mother Natures Farm, bike park, children's museum

Fall Break started out GREAT......
We went to the cabin and took a drive to Greer on Saturday between Conference sessions.  It was beautiful.
Our little man enjoying the river

Boston loved to cross the river on the rocks
Alexa loved finding the perfect spot to take her picture
Sera spent her time exploring the trails

 they all made it to the middle with only a few wet feet

we stopped here for a delicious lunch and AMAZING desserts on the way back to the cabin   

 And then we spent 10 days like this...
Yes, the swine flu struck and it was BAD!!  Boston brought it home from school and then both the girls got it.  I felt so bad for them.  I can't remeber seeing them this sick.
Luckily this little guy only got more ear infections and kept his smile!!

After the kids and I recovered we tried to squeeze in a little fun at the end of the break.  Grandma joined us at Mother Natures Farm, picking out pumpkins, hay rides, mazes and pumpkin decorating.
My cute kids in the pumpkin patch
Our little pumpkin

We also went to the bike park one morning.  This may have been Boston's favorite activity.
He tried a LOT of new things.  His favorite was the "hills" you can see behind him.
Alexa even joined in and did a good job
Here is Frankie on Sera's bike, it was fun to watch!
The bike park was not for Sera or Beckom.  Sera fell on her first try and that was enough for her.  Maybe next time.

We also took the kids to the Phoenix Children's Museum

My Kids LOVED it.  We had such a fun day.  I think they could have spend another couple of hours there.  They loved the grocery store and the cooking.
Chef Alexa
Chef Sera
Chef Boston
Beckom and Mom enjoying the food

Even with the Swine flu attack we had a fun fall break.  The weather was great, my kids were happy and now we are all healthy.  It couldn't get better than that.