Friday, September 23, 2011

Look who is growing up WAY to fast!!

(Mariah, Marissa, Sera,Randi, Lauryn)
Yes we did! We took this crazy group of girls up to the cabin in ShowLow for Labor Day weekend to celebrate a very special 12th Birthday for an amazing girl! Sera had a BIG birthday on Sept 11. She is officially the big 1-2. Watch out Young Women's here she comes!
The boys and I went up a day early on Thursday to get everything ready. We bought the food and decorated. Sweet Boston worked so hard. He made a bunch of hearts and a poster to put in the entrance to lead Sera and her friends to the PARTY!
We kept these girls busy and they kept us entertained. We rode quads, went for go cart rides, played games, listened to a LOT of laughter. I also french braided tons of hair every day!
These girls all slept in a trailer that is parked at the cabin. They named it the "party shack"! They decorated it, made a very cute list of rules and partied all night
We took the girls on a snipe hunt. Thanks to Dad and uncle Brady they loved it. Those two scared them so bad they were freaked out the entire night. It was GREAT!
Frankie built a big outside movie screen. The girls watched PROM and did a little JUST DANCE on it! Thanks Dad it was a hit!!

Aunt Brooke even gave a little "mountain make up class". I love how she lined them all up. Don't they look beautiful?

This party was a lot of fun. Even for us adults. I can't believe Sera is 12 already...where has the time gone. I will do another post with her on her Birthday. It was a big day for her because it was also her first day in Young Women's!

Fun things about Sera:
Her favorite color is teal
She loved to make and edit movies
She loves, running, swimming, tennis, and soccer
She has a very kind heart
She is a picky eater
She is ALWAYS freezing (even in AZ)
She works really hard at school and is a great student
She is a great piano player, even wants to get a degree in college as a piano major(that or film)
When she is stressed or angry she plays the piano
Her biggest goal is to go to BYU someday
She is REALLY tiny(the size of a 9 year old, so cute!)

We are so grateful for Sera in our home. You can always count on her for a sweet word or hug just when you need it. Her thoughtfulness is a great example to all of us. Happy Birthday squirt we love you!