Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Vacation

For Christmas we got the kids a trip to Utah to play in the snow. We were suppose to leave the day after Christmas with some friends and stay in their family cabin near Brian Head. There happened to be such a BIG snow storm that we couldn't get into the cabin and the power lines were down. The kids were getting upset and we were all packed up so we went to Showlow to Frankie's grandma's cabin. When we arrived, no snow. It was perfect. We got groceries, chopped wood, the kids had a football game, rented a few movies. The next day the snow started. We had a blizzard!! It was a blast!
Playing in the snow

This was our car the first day it snowed. The snow didn't even start falling until about noon and it was only about 5 in this picture. CRAZY!
It was so cold and windy when they went out to go sledding that Alexa came back with frozen eyelashes
You can't tell from the picture but when we were out playing in the snow the wind gusts would come so strong (around 40mph) that the kids would do anything to take cover
Beckom had a great time. He didn't like the first day that was so windy. He did love all the snow boots. He wore them all day!
Here are some of the Beck's with our kids. We had a great week. The men took the kids (all but the babies) skiing one day. The kids loved it. They didn't even complain that it was a -11 wind chill that day. We had 9 kids, 4 adults, great food, lots of red box movies, games, laughter, and a great time!
Our little Beck
Boston on the blizzard day
Alexa making her own trail
Sera loving it

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Christmas Eve! We always go to a movie and eat our favorite take out for dinner! It is a great tradition that mom loves! In our new neighborhood they do this thing called "light up the cove". All the houses line the streets with luminaries on Christmas Eve. EVERY house gets done. It was really pretty to walk around and see.

Here we are on our walk
Of course we open the traditional Christmas pj's
We also make cookies for Santa...then off to bed
Christmas morning finally came with a big suprise for the kids. A Razor Scooter. They LOVE it!!
Instead of a bunch of presents to open this year mom and dad got them a trip to Utah to play in the snow (post to follow). Here they are reading the letter we gave them.
It was fun to watch Beckom get so excited about Christmas this year. He loved everything about it.

In there new beanies for the snow
Alexa giving the scooter a try
Boston the wild man
Beckom can't get enough of the "go go ride"
Sera showing off her skills
We played Just Dance on the Wii most of the day. Notice Beckom with some moves. We love this game at our house!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Parties

We always have a Anderson family party and a Breinholt family party. This year Breinholt's was on Saturday night and Anderson's on Sunday morning in Payson! It is always a fun time!

Here are some of the Anderson cousins doing the nativity. They each sang or played a piano song for us. We went to church, had some good food and the adults had a goodie exchange/contest. The kids had a gift exchange also.
Poor Alexa woke up that morning really sick, throwing up, 104 fever. As she was throwing up she was begging not to miss the party. So we loaded her up with a few throw up baggies and a blanket and off we went. She was quarantined to a back bedroom and only came out for gifts with a mask on. She looked like Michael Jackson! What a good sport. This also began a week and a half long adventure of one of the worst flu 's we have had, at our house for Christmas!!!

The kids exchanged hot chocolate mugs for Christmas. Boston was very Excited to get his signed Max Hall mug!
Michael Jackson aka Alexa with her very cute mug
Sera with her "grown up" mug
The Breinholt kids exchanged hats this year. That was a fun change. The kids were so excited.
Sera got a cute wrap. She wears them all the time.
My boys got Cardinals baseball caps. As you can see they really like them.
Grace and Alexa got matching Michael Jackson hats. Just what they wanted!
Grandma and Grandpa Breinholt got most of the kids pillow pets! They were a hit! I heard a lot of screaming!!
We love the tradition of family parties and getting to spend time with our families. Christmas wouldn't be the same without them.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Look Who Turned 2!!!

Happy Birthday Beck! On December 16th my baby turned 2!!

We celebrated with a Krispy Kreme donut cake and a few cousins

Blowing out the Candles

Here he is showing us how old he is.

A few things about Beckom at 2...
He is wrapped around the finger of everyone in the house (can you say spoiled!)
He is very funny and knows it
He can be VERRY dramatic and is very dynamic
He loves to dance
He laughs on cue (he just laughs a lot)
He still has a pacifier
He is very attached to his blanky
He is small for his age 4% on weight, and 5% on height
He doesn't like to eat anything
He wants to be outside all the time
He loves to ride his trike or anything that goes
He loves all "go go's"
He loves Lighting McQueen or as he says "bitibabean"
He still doesn't talk much but has figured out how to communicate with us

We love our little buddy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

More December to remember...

After I published the last post I realized I forgot a few more activities leading up to Christmas!!
Here are the kiddos holding the letters they wrote to Santa.

We have to send our Santa letters. Then Boston checks the mail everyday waiting for his letter back from Santa. Santa took a while writing back this year but, they finally arrived! Whew!

Our visit to sit on Santa's lap and tell him exactly what we want for Christmas! Beck didn't enjoy it! Sera asked for an IPod touch! Good thing Santa told her that was a little expensive even for Santa :) Alexa asked for a monkey pillow pet and Boston asked for a puppy. Santa got a couple of tough requests from my kids this year!
We surprised my Dad with a 69th birthday/retirement party! It was a fun night. I was so glad we could honor my dad after all his years of hard work!

We also squeezed in a Christmas Piano recital! This is the first time my kids have been in a recital. They all did a GREAT job. They memorized their songs and even remembered to take a bow.
Sera played Jingle Bells
Boston played Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Alexa played Away in a Manger
Great job guys!

Now on to Christmas!!


The month of December went way to fast for me. I can't figure out where the time went. Here are a few things we did to get ready for Christmas!
We did our traditional "Old Fashioned Christmas." Eat dinner by candle light, listen to Christmas music and stay up late watching old Christmas Movies.
This year the kids got to make decorations for "their" Christmas tree. They cut out snowflakes and gingerbread men. They also hung candy canes. The tree was a big hit.
We also went to our traditional Christmas Carol at Hale Theatre with Grandma and Papa
Of course we loved it. It just starts out the Christmas Season right!
The kids with "Scrooge"
We also did our traditional gingerbread house night. Our friends the Becks came over with their 5 kids and we had a great time!
Beck's building consisted of climbing up and shoving as much candy as he could fit in his mouth.
As you can see from the picture we had plenty of candy!
Boston's house all done
Sera's house
Alex's house

December is always a busy fun month at our house!