Friday, August 28, 2009

Did you say Axe or A@#????

Last night I sent my girls to take a shower together(short on time). And the conversation went something like this.....

Alexa: "Sera, what's this?"
Sera: "Axe Deodorant" (Frankie's deodorant)
Alexa: "So, you use it on your 'a#@'?"
Sera: "NO! That's a bad word.  Do you know what it means?"
Alexa: "No, what does it mean?"
Sera: "It's a bad word for 'butt'."
Alexa: "Oh, so Dad probably DOES use it on his A@#, cause it stinks!!!"

I'm sorry but I laughed so hard!!!  Leave it to Alexa to think that there is something you spray to make farts smell better.  Now for the potty mouth, she seriously thought that Sera said A@# the first time.  She had no idea what the word was.  Gotta love my girls.

*I censored the language because my 10 year old reads this and I would get a lecture for swearing:)*

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The new helper in the house!!!

What do you think?  Too much help?......
doing the laundry
emptying the dishwasher AND the cupboard behind

What can I say, I start them young in my house.  I think this is just the right amount of help because it is always done with a smile.