Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last California post I promise!

We took the kids to the Mickey Mouse Halloween Party at Disneyland while were there. We got there at 3 and left at 11:30. It was a lot of fun. We got to ride all the big rides a couple of times. The kids loved the handfuls of candy at the tick or treat stations and the decorations were really cool.
Here we are at the end of the night
Beckom did not want to wear his costume. Once we took it off he had a great time!
some of the kids on the Matterhorn
Beckom LOVED the monster ride (Matterhorn) and the Tea cups! You can;t tell from this face but he wanted to go again and again!
Joel, Sera and Lauryn. Misty and Bobby were there the same day so we got to ride with them for a little while. It was fun to have them there. They also joined us for one day on the beach.
Beckom and Payten. Best Friends the entire time!
How Cute!!
Most of the time you could find Alexa playing and taking care of all the little kids. I love what a natural mother she is.

I think Sera wishes she was raised on the beach. She loves it!
We also got to go whale watching
It started out a beautiful sunny morning.
By the time we loaded the boat it was so foggy we couldn't see past the edge of the boat.

This is the total count of sea life we got to see
The kids enjoyed the glass bottom at least!
It was a little disappointing because the morning cruise saw 12 whales!! Just our luck!
We also made the men take us to a pumpkin patch
Where we purchased this 100 lb pumpkin. Yes we had to haul it home. Frankie was so happy about that!
It was really a cute little farm. I was glad we took the kids

They each enjoyed a little treat

How I miss this sunset every night
The happiness on these faces says it all.

We are so glad that the Johnson's invited us. We had such a great time. Beckom woke up every morning and asked to go see if the wave pool was still on. He is still asking!!
I don't think there is a better family vacation!

Monday, November 28, 2011


The family finally joined us on Friday night. We spent the day Saturday on the beach. Then on Sunday we went to church and headed out for some Sunday adventure.
The San Diego Temple
Become ran around pretending to be a BIG truck. He was spitting and making noises the entire time.
He doesn't even care about the drool dripping from his chin
Then we went to explore La Jolla Cove. The older kids went with Frankie on the slippery rocks to see more.

Beck and I found a spot to watch them all
Boston and Wyatt exploring

I am amazed at all the people who stare at all the kids with us!! When we took this picture we had a little audience.

My cuties at the beach
playing Frisbee
Jumping the waves
The men built a HUGE hole. It was a big hit even with people walking by.

Walking to the donut shop in the morning was the kids favorite
The kids were so excited when a "message in a bottle" washed up practically in Sera's lap
They couldn't wait for it to be opened. Was it a love note? Someone needing help? Boy, were they disappointed when it was just a bunch of girls saying how much they missed a friend that had died!

We love the Beach!


I was one lucky girl for fall break. I got to spend two entire weeks in Oceanside right on the beach. Some friends of ours go every year and invited us to come. Frankie and the kids drove me and the two boys over the first weekend. Then I stayed with Boston and Beckom and Frankie and the girls went home. They came back to spend the next week of fall break with us. It was HEAVEN!!
We made s'mores FOR BREAKFAST!
We had one day that was really rainy, so we had a Halloween party. We painted lanterns, made spider balloons...
Bloody bandaid cookies
And a little Halloween Bowl
Can't beat the view from our bowling alley!
The kids would get so tired we would find them snuggled up and sleeping. This is Beck with our friend Wyatt
Most of the time was spent on the beach. AMAZNG!

Looking for sand crabs was big entertainment
More falling asleep
The kids even got me boogie boarding. I kinda liked it. We should have had wetsuits years ago. Next time I am going to learn to surf!
The rest of the vacation will be posted soon. This was week one!