Monday, October 29, 2012


 I will get caught up eventually!  

So here is some of our Easter fun...
 Dying eggs
 The Ridge Run!  Bishop always has some fun games.  This year who can hang the longest with a peep in their mouth!

 Egg hunt
All dressed up for Easter!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

LIFE.... a few random pictures of what we do around here!

I took the girls out for a date night.  They loved looking at the prom dresses.  They each wanted a picture of what they thought was the prettiest

When we irrigate we get a cute little duck couple in our yard for a visit
This would be the kids system of "helping mom remember everything"
Nothing like a little bed head
Boston is always the first swim of the year... he can't wait for summer
Preparing for Girls camp with the cowgirls this year
Took our preteen on a date to Hunger Games
I can't tell you how often I find this boy doing this!  He is teaching Reed some great habits!!
Alexa's subtle way of letting me know she didn't get the new shoes she wanted
Lots of hanging by the pool with the kids
Beck got to go to work with Daddy...can you say best day EVER!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Recital Time

This years piano Recital was all about costumes and props.  All the students played different songs from around the world.
Alexa was Russia, Sera, American Pop, Boston was Mexico!

 Alex played a Russian Dance song
 Boston did the Mexican Hat Dance

Sera played Bad Day

They all did such a great job.  They love their teacher and he always makes it all so fun.  They have learned a ton in the year we have been with him.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Derby Time!

Boston got to have a great experience building his Pinewood Derby car this year!
Frankie's Best Friend Kyle has the hookup.  His dad has an entire section of his garage set up for building the cars.
 I think Boston liked the fridge full of snacks the best

 Hard at work using lots of BIG tools
 Here's Kyle helping him paint the car
 After quite a few REALLY late nights, the race was on!

Here's the championship race
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!  Boston was the winner!!

His car really was Awesome.  I enjoyed watching how proud he was.  He worked hard on his car.  When it would fly down the track he had the world's biggest smile.  Way to go Bubba!

All Sewn up

Boys love to play rough!  This is what happens....
Boston and Beckom were running and flying on to the bean bag.  For some reason on Beckom's turn Boston pulled the bean bag away and his head hit the travertine step!  This was the result.
Once some numbing gel was applied he had this cute smile on his face the rest of the time.  He was laughing and talking to everyone.  He even laid perfectly still for the Doctor.  When the Doc asked him if he was doing ok he said, "Yeperroni!"
Two internal stiches, 5 out, and a huge bill later, he was good to go.
 He even got a stuffed lizard thing out of the deal
 Boston on the other hand didn't enjoy the experience as much as Beckom did.  The poor kid cried the entire time I was gone with Beckom.  The next day he gave me this note, didn't talk and cried on and off all day.  I think I felt worse for him ALMOST!

 Boys will be boys!

The Dunes

We took our first trip to the dunes.  The Becks were so nice to invite us and share their trailer with us.  We slept 9 kids and 4 adults in that thing.  We felt the LOVE! 
 The kids and Frankie had a blast.   Im not going to lie, I do like riding and driving around on all the toys.  I'm not very good and sitting around and waiting at the camp.  I need to be in on the adventure!
We did lots of french braids, I even made Boston join in....he loved it!
We had a great time and made lots of memories.

Happy Love Day!

We Started of with our traditional pink/heart breakfast before school

 A few treats we gave out
 Finished off our night with our heart pizza and some cute crush drinks I made everyone
I love showing my family how much I love them!

Happy Birthday, and a little get a way!

 Happy Birthday!  Nothing like a little breakfast in bed to show Dad how much we love him on his 39th Birthday!
 Frankie and I got to go on a little ski get a way in ShowLow.  We got to ski for two days.  My legs were killing but we had a great time.  We had the hills to ourselves and perfect weather.  I am so glad we got to spend some alone time together. Thanks for taking me Babe!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time to catch up!

I can't believe I have gotten this far behind.  Here we go...

Frankie took the kids out for a few dad activities.  
They Hiked "A" mountain

 They got to go to a monster truck ralley.  They had AMAZING seats, right up front.
 They ran Ethans Run.  Beckom even insisted on running the entire thing.  He has the same running bug!
 Beckom being Beckom.  He loves all the little girls in the neighborhood!
 Such a ladies man
 This boy keeps our entire family smiling

I have been keeping busy with the Young Women!  So fun to have Sera in there with me
 We took a trip to Utah for my Grandma Wheelwrights 90th Birthday.  Frankie, my aunt Pam, and kids got to enjoy a day on the slopes
A few of the grandkids with grandma
a little rock climbing
taking a walk to check out the floods in Utah

Thanks Bri for letting us stay with you.  We had a great time!
 Frankie ran the 1/2 at the Phoenix Marathon!  Way to go Babe!
 Costco trips
Reed, Roman, And Beckom went to preschool together all year.  They had lots of play dates at the park, McDonalds, and with each other.  They are best buds!