Sunday, September 19, 2010

I can't believe she is 11!

Sera turned 11 on the 11th. Or as she likes to call it her "Golden Birthday"! She wasn't suppose to have a party this year but I told her she could have a couple of friends over for a swim/007 party. The girls all slept over after and stayed up until 2 am. I guess they are preparing me for the fast approaching teen years.
Here is the cute group! Or at least how it started. After swimming we went out front to begin our game of 007! As we got the spot light out and a few of the neighborhood kids we had invited joined us, the group just kept growing. I think at one point we were searching for at least 25 kids. It was a great time. It was great for Sera who tends to be a little shy. She loved it.
This is Sera after her family dinner the next night.
Opening her amazing quilt my friend Brenda made for her.
Here she is with her new cell/emergency phone. It isn't a full cell. Just the kind that can call a few numbers. She thought we had wrapped a fake phone to give her. Now that she knows it was real she is loving it.

A few things about Sera:
She is very tender and sweet
She loves to cuddle and have her back scratched
She loved clothes with a little rock and roll edge to them
She still loves to wear crazy socks
She loves to spend time with her Grandparents
She is the student body secretary at school
She loves to cook
She is in club swim
She loves to run
She loves to play the Piano (finally)
Her favorite color is Teal
She is extremely responsible

We are very lucky to have Sera in our family. Happy Birthday Princess we love you!!

Teddy Bear Factory

I got to go to the Stuffington bear factory with Boston's first grade class. It is one of only 3 bear factories left in the U.S. They let the kids make a bear and then give them a tour of the factory. They loved it.
Stuffing the Bear
Giving an "air bath"
Here he is with his bear. He named him Tiger. Of course it would be after a large cat! We had a great day and I am glad I got to go with Bubba for the day.

Labor Day

We started out the weekend at the cabin. Then came home a little early to hit up a local resort for a last minute deal. We stayed the night and spent Monday at the pool enjoying the lazy river, water slides and all the pools. The kids loved it. They did great hanging out and swimming together. They must have done the lazy river half the day. Beck hung out with mom and dad and loved watching and laughing at the kids. It was a great family day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Payson Adventure!

We spent another weekend in Payson, out of the heat and out in the open! We went on another hike (sorry no pictures, a storm moved in so we took off!), helped papa with a little gardening, and went to a Payson high school football game.

Our awesome guide (and my brother) Eric took us on a couple of adventures. First was the rained out hike. The next day we stopped and let the kids find some fossils. They came away with shark teeth, plants, shells, and more. Then it was on to the fish hatchery.
The girls on the way in to the hatchery.
Some of the boys. They won't stop and pose like the girls.
We were so happy to have my dad along and feeling a little better. He almost kept up with us!!
looking at fish
Beckom loved the" woowoo's"
After the Hatchery we stopped at the river to play

Before they jumped in
These three loved it. They didn't care how cold it was or how wet they got!
This is how Boston and Megan spent there time getting wet. Sitting and putting there face in it!
My little Family
Didn't Eric look excited to have his picture taken. Notice his son making the same face!
We came home from church the next day and Beckom had fallen asleep on Grandma. This kid NEVER falls asleep.
Gram had the magic touch!

Bike Ramp

Frankie built Boston a bike ramp a few weeks ago. It is a hit! Easy entertainment for a group of boys....
Here are a few pictures of Boston and a couple of the neighborhood boys testing their skills

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For the love of Blankey!

This kid only loves one thing in this world more than his blankey.....his daddy! So when the time comes that I HAVE to put it in the wash because I can't stand it anymore, it is a tough day.
He stands and waits the ENTIRE cycle without moving....
Crying like the world has ended....
Will it ever turn off?...
Finally, now where is it?.....
As he loves to say "there it is!"or "der it tis!"
He quickly shuts the door. There is no way this baby is going in the dryer. I don't care how wet it feels.
He is not going to risk me getting it again. So into the hiding place it goes.
Almost there....
Mom will never find it here!
Now he is happy. And this, my friends, is the ritual of washing the blankey. So much drama from such a little guy!!!