Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rocky Point!

This post will give you picture overload. The kids all have certain memories they want to keep and so do I! It was hard to narrow it down!

Thanks to some Awesome friends the Gibbons that invited us to Rocky point with them, we had an AMAZING vacation. I was a little nervous before we left but we LOVED IT!! We spend five days there having what the kids called "the greatest vacation ever". The water was warm, the wind was blowing and providing great wave for the kids, the condo was perfect and we had a great time with or friends.
Here we are hanging out in the water, Boston didn't want to stop for a picture!
This picture is SOOO Beckom
The 5 of us spent a FEW hours getting our hair braided. The best thing ever. No hair to do for two weeks. Wish I could get this done all the time!
Enjoyed the resort pools (not as much as the ocean)
We actually got a picture together
This was the view from our huge balcony

What's a beach trip without burying someone?
Boston spent most of his time exploring and building. He would put on the snorkel and search for sea life and shells. He even brought home a couple of hermit crabs the only lasted 2 weeks here. He was content to do his own thing.
This is typical Beckom. No suit stayes up on him, his hair is always wild, and he loved every minute of it
Of course we had to check stuff out from all the vendors. We left with a great deal on some jewelry and a few other small treasures.
This was Sera the entire time. She is a true beach girl!!
Alexa the mermaid
catching the waves

Kevin enjoying the shade
Alexa figured out the boogie board and got really good at it

Cute little beach girls
The Gibbons boys got a hold of Boston and taught him how to ride. He did a great job!

This is how the kids spent their entire day. Lined up and catching waves.
Beck and his Daddy
Gotta love the goggles. My kids figured out that the goggles would keep the salt water out and never went without. We lost a few pair but it was worth it to see them out having so much fun!
These girls can always make me laugh
Digging! He loved the "oshun" and was happy the entire day. He wanted to go deeper and deeper in the water no matter how hard he got pounded. He couldn't get enough!
Here are some of the kids the last day. The gibbons have 6 kids and the twins are the youngest. They were all so great to play with my kids. I am so happy that we got to go and make these great memories with our kids and friends!

July 4th

I was horrible at taking pictures but I did catch a few! We went to the Cabin for the 4th with Frankie's Parents. It was great weather and of course the kids had a GREAT time. The fireworks were cancelled because of forest fires, that was a little disappointing. We still kept everyone busy and happy with quad rides, homemade ice cream, lots of card games and a trip to the go cart place.
Here we all are right after the rain stopped. We were just starting a ride when the rain started coming down hard!
Beckom gt to ride with Grandmas and LOVED it. He had the biggest smile the entire time.
Here we are right as the rain came down
Alexa got to ride with speed racer Grandpa. She loves to go fast!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Utah Summer Vacation

After Frankie ran his Marathon we stayed in Utah for a great vacation. We stayed with Frankie's Aunt and Uncle for a few days and had a great time. Went to our old ward, family BBQ, J-Dogs, Visit to BYU, Dinner with my grandma, Farr's ice cream, and a few days in Salt Lake. It was a great trip. My kids loved it. The weather was perfect, we had an awesome time.
Here we are at the beginning of our hike to the top of Timpanogos cave. My Aunt Pam, cousin Aubrey and nephew Conner came. I started out with the backpack on because Frankie was still sore from his race and am soooo grateful Conner was there to save me. That Big old
Kid just carried Beck up and back for me like it was nothing!

Here we all are at the top! My kids LOVED this. On the way down they were asking when we could go again!
At BYU we let the kids look all around. We looked for the oldest book we could find in the library, we hit up the bookstore, we looked at the cafeteria, and of course got ice cream at the creamery.
Sera wants to go there some day and love every minute of it!
Then we were off to Salt Lake City for a few days. Beck's favorite part was the light rail.
This is the view of the temple from our room.

My boys on Temple square
A little lunch at the Lion House
We also got to take my grandma out to dinner and for a beautiful walk one evening by the river in Ogden. Here are all my kids with Grandma Wheelwright!
We miss living in Utah and love being able to go back and visit. We had such a fun time with all the cousins and family and friends!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frankie's First Marathon!!

Frankie Ran the Utah Valley Marathon in June! The Weather was Perfect the race was a killer and the kids were excited to see dad finish. They made a cute sign and after weeks of joking about Frankie pooping his pants while he ran, Sera decorated a diaper for him!
The look on his face in this picture almost says it all!!
He spots us on puts on a happy face! Almost there!!
The kids join him to cross the finish
He did a great job. This was a very hard course with a LOT of hills. They started up the canyon past deer creek reservoir and finished in downtown Provo. He Finished 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 40 minutes. About 10 minutes slower than his goal but I think he did great for his first run!!

Great Job Frankie! It didn't inspire me enough to go out and run a marathon but you do inspire me to do better!