Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crazy Cousins and Silly Baby

My kids love to put silly things on Beck and take pictures.  He is always a good sport and flashes a big grin for them.
I wish I had a scanner.  I have a baby picture of Frankie with a cowboy hat on and they look ALOT alike!
Crazy hair and a little drool!!
A few weekends ago I had a big cousin sleepover to kick off summer.  We had 8 kids in the house.  It was a lot of fun.  The youngest kids decided to paint themselves to look like the joker.  This picture was taken at the beginning.  They did even more art work as time went by.  So funny!

Here they are hangin out.  They had a donut breakfast.  Played in the sprinklers and on the trampoline, played games, rode bikes, just had a lot of fun!

Last day of School

Frankie and I are so proud of our kids.  They all really love school.  They have a great attitude, work hard, and enjoy every minute of it.  I need to enjoy this while I can, hopefully it will continue as they get older.

Sera did a great job this year.  She got an award for doubling her reading goal.  She worked really hard.  She discovered she was behind and was NOT going to let that happen.  She also got the creative writing award for the entire year.  She loves to write and was so proud.  Her teacher told her when she was a famous author she needs to come back and give her an autograph!  Great job Sera you are a great example to your brothers and sisters.
This is Sera with her island project.  She did Phelps Islands.  A swimming island.  It was really cute. I will add a picture with her teacher when I get it.

Alexa has worked so hard this year and it showed.  She did great in math and loves to read.  She also got the sportsmanship award in PE for all the first grade girls.  
Here she is with some girls from class.
This is Alexa with her teacher Mrs. Pelligrino.  She loved having her and we are so proud of how hard she works and her positive attitude.
Here is Mr. Boss with his kinder-step teacher Mrs. Johnston.   She was the greatest.  He was a great example in his class and always wanted to learn more.  He had a 100 wall.  When they could count to 100 without stopping or making a mistake they got to put there name up.  He worked hard to get there.  He loved learning math and writing.  
He got two awards.  One was for being a great team player in class.  He also got the sportsmanship award for PE for the entire kinder-steps.  Way to go BUBBA!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Frankie just had his second race of the season. (the first was in mexico, I didn't get to go) This was the same race he ran last year(his very first triathlon).  He did a GREAT job!  He beat his last year time by almost an hour.  That was even with a bee sting and running over a nail, changing his flat on the back tire that required removing the chain and costing him 15 minutes!
The finish line with the kids
Getting ready to swim

He is such an example to the kids and I.  We are very proud of him and the dedication he shows.  Great Job Babe!

Lake Day

Eric and Wendy invited us to the lake on Memorial Day.  We had a great time.  My parents kept Beckom for us, so we got to spend all day .  It was a little different then I remember it before kids!!    The smiles on there faces make it all worth it.  It was a fun day.  Thanks for inviting us and a HUGE thanks to my parents so that I could go also!!!
Arie, Taylor(friend),Alexa,Boston,Megan,Sera
My Hottie
I know it is blurry, I just thought it was a cool picture
Watching Daddy on the wake board
I had to force these two on with me and they ended up loving it until I yanked them off over a bump!!
Daddy teaching Sera to ski
*this picture is just before she panicked and the meltdown began*
Boston learning to ski
*he also got scared but stayed out and gave it 3 tries... even with a bloody nose and crying*

My cute kids!  Alexa gets a little sea sick on the boat. Next time I am hoping she will like it better and try skiing.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dancing Queen!!

On May 23rd Alexa had her dance recital.  She did an AMAZING job.  We were so proud of her. 

As she came out on stage second in line she was totally bossing the little girl in front of her around.  You could see her pointing and telling her that she was not in the right spot (she gets it from daddy!!)

I don't know what part Alexa likes better.  Dancing or being able to dress up and be in the recitals.  She gets so excited, not nervous at all.  We love you Alex!