Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random stuff we do

Beckom likes to take his girlfriend Joelle for a cruise in his sweet ride. Sometimes if he is lucky she will even put her arm around him. It is so CUTE!
My Aunt Pam came to town to visit my parents. They spent an ENTIRE day picking oranges in my yard and juicing them. They ended up making around 30 gallons of OJ and that was just from the trees in my front yard. We still have the back yard! UUGGHHH to many oranges. But I am so thankful that they made all that yummy juice for us. Thanks guys!
We had spirit week a while back and I snapped a few pictures. This was on mismatched day. That's always the best. Just put on whatever you want day!
This was 60,70, or 80's day.....can you guess what they are???
Boston wasn't diggin the short shorts(like his dad use to wear)!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


That's right 14 years, 4 kids, many moves, college, career changes, vacations, and adventures later and I can still say I am Totally IN LOVE with my Man!!! Happy 14th Babe!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


For spring break we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Oceanside with my parents. Beware this post may give you picture overload!
My cute family plus one! My cute neighbor Mckelle went with us.
With Grandma and Papa
Boston flying a kite
Beckom flew the kite all by himself
LOTS of body boarding. It was FREEZING and my kids didn't even care.
You can't go to the beach without digging a great big hole for the toddler
I love the smiles the beach brings
Mckelle and Sera...We are in trouble in a few years!!
So cute
This kid is so skinny he couldn't keep his 18 month suit up!
Sera LOVES the waves
Alexa loves looking good in her suit
taking a walk on the pier
enjoying the sunset on our deck
so Frankie!
watching the sunset Beckom style

Boston getting ready to catch the waves

Always together

The kids on the porch!

We had such a great trip. Took lots of walks on the sand with Grandma and Papa, played in the water, ate great fish and chips, had smores around the fire, and best of all great family time!!

The Scotts

All these handsom young men carry the name Scott. They are all the second son in the family. It starts with my Dad. He is the second son and it is his middle name. He gave it to his second son as a middle name, and now all the second born grandson's have it for a middle name. It didn't start out this way on purpose, but when Beckom came along, we all discoved the accidental tradition and Beck continued it. He almost got my dad's first name instead!!
Now we call them the Scotts!