Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Cabin on the 4th

We went to the Breinholt's cabin for the 4th of July. It was so nice to get out of the heat. It is great to just relax and have fun. We went for hikes, played games, ate a lot of food, watched fireworks, rode go carts, and most important.... the kids LOVE it! We took some pictures of our hike and the go cart rides but they didn't turn out. I am sad!

My niece Tessa was visiting from Utah and went up with us. It was AWESOME! Not only was it great to spend time with her but she played with the kids the entire time. Did I say AWESOME!!

Here is Frankie's sidkick. He is attached, and the feeling is mutual. He is helping dad get the quad ready to ride. (he found a stick and pretended to work on the tire)
All ready to ride. Check out that face!!

Nothing like a nap with your favorite doll in a hammock in the mountains!
Boston walked around with a BB gun shooting every old can or log he could find
Eating popsicles with your big sister is the best
Not a complete cabin experience without the campfire and smores
Cooking the marshmallows. A little dirt doesn't hurt!
Alexa and Grandpa hanging out on the hammock together
Sera and Grandma telling stories by the Fire
The Gang! (most of us anyway)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Its All Good

This Summer Alexa did a two week musical theater camp with Ms. Jenee. It was so much fun. They had a theme everyday and dressed up, took sack lunches, earned prizes and learned a ton of songs!

here is Alexa on 50's day
(thanks to Wendy for the awesome outfit)
She was very lucky to do it with some of her cute cousins
Abby, Arie, Grace and Alex
The night of the big show Alexa had a solo and a speaking part. She did great. With all of her "personality" I think we may have found the perfect thing for her. The theme for the show was "It's All Good". Every song was about sunshine and happiness. It was a lot of fun.
Here is Alexa doing her Solo. Great Job, you were a STAR!
All the Girls with Ms. Jenee after the show. Megan was in the younger class and was very cute to watch! This was a GREAT show, all the girls were perfect. What a cute group of cousins!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Swim Team and Scorpions

Swim Team has become our life this summer. That or swimming. Basically you can find my kids in water most of the time. They Love it. We love that they love it, we are all happy!
Sera loves swim so much that she is begging to do club swim this year. She is a great swimmer and gets better each week. She also started diving this year. We are waiting for that to grow on her. She works very hard at swim and never wants to miss. She always wants to be the best and I love that.
Alexa shocked us all this year. Last year she cried every practice and never made it to one swim meet. This year she is coming out of the water with 1st and 2nd place ribbons and a huge smile to go with it. Way to go Lex! She has a great attitude and is VERY competitive. I wonder where she gets that from?
The Bos man. He takes competitive to an entirely new level. This kid works out with the older age group everyday (he was plowing down the kids his age). He recently competed in the Relay meet (coach invite). He raced a relay with his age group, then with the 7&8 year olds and then a kid for the IM left and they asked Boston to swim 2 legs. He did Backstroke and Freestyle. He was AWESOME! I hope he keeps this great attitude and desire to work hard at it!
All this swimming makes everyone tired. I had to put this picture on because Sera NEVER naps. Hasn't since she was 2, not even in the car. After Swim and dive I found her on the couch like this!

On the way out the door to our first swim meet, Frankie hurried and fed Beck. With no time to clean up his mess, this is what we came home to.....
Look close, not one but TWO scorpions eating off my kitchen floor....Are you Kidding me??!!!
And the very same night we caught this mom with 20 (that's what we counted) babies on her back!