Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Big Move

A Few weeks ago we moved into a new home. Things have been Crazy! We miss our old neighbors and friends and are now working on making our new house a home.

The kids started at a new school and are adjusting well and really seem to be liking it.
Here they are on the first day.

They couldn't wait to try the new pool. I think it is WAY to cold but they LOVE it.
Boston did a cannonball first thing!!
Alexa got right in
Sera is a little like her mom. She chose to clean the pool instead of getting in. She has been in several times since!
Beckom even loves the new pool

I know this next picture is blurry but the thing ran when I took the picture. We have some new friends at our home and I DO NOT like them....
Frankie and the kids have gone out scorpion hunting in the yard the last few nights and have killed almost 20. Mom is not very happy...
Here they are on the first hunt, I hope they get them all.

8 is GREAT

On April 16th Alexa turned 8. She is growing up WAY to fast for me.

She got to invite a friend for her birthday and she wanted Hailey to come. We picked them up from school and went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid at the theater. Then she chose crazy sub for dinner followed by an ice cream cake.(couldn't be any easier for me)

She had a great birthday! I love to see her cute grin!

Here are a few cute things we love about our Alexa:

she has a GREAT sense of humor
she loves to laugh and make people laugh
she can quote movies, books, or tv shows better than anyone I know
she is very responsible
she is very organized
she has a beautiful voice and loves to sing
she is an amazing big sister and will step in with the baby without being asked
her favorite color is green
she loves fashion
she loves, dancing, running, reading and being with friends

We are very lucky to have her in our home and love her TONS!!


Here they are dying eggs. Always a good time.
We got to go to Grandma and Papa Anderson's for an egg hunt with all the cousins.
Beckom didn't care about the eggs at all, he just threw them on the ground and then walked off
Grandma and Grandpa hid a GOLDEN EGG with $25 inside. Grandpa was very tricky in his hiding but lucky Boston found it. He was so excited. What a great idea, it even got the older kids involved!
Alexa on the Hunt
Sera with her eggs
Easter morning the bunny brought them toys and swimsuits for the swimming pool
And to finish off all the easter activities we had another egg hunt with some of the neighbors on our street.

It was great to spend the holiday weekend with friends and family and end it all off with conference.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our little Buddy

I decided it would be better to do one post about Beckom and all the little things he has been up to lately...

The other day he found a bag of skittles that Frankie left
 on his night stand and this is what I found....
His mouth was so full, and when he couldn't swallow them and had to spit them out. I counted 14 of them.  Funny kid!

My fun Neighbor Kennedy also had a little ice cream party for all of us a few weeks ago.  This was Beck's first Cone...
He loved it.

Beckom got his first hair cut
During (notice the sad tear)
And After...He looks so grown up now!

This little guy has a love affair with his Daddy.  He only wants him.  When dad walks in a room it's "hi daddy"!  Every morning when I get him out of his seat after breakfast he RUNS to Frankies office to find him and sit on his lap.  If daddy isn't home we have to search the entire house calling for him and then we shed a few tears.  He is a daddy's boy.  He will push me away and tell me no if he is with his Daddy.  I love to see this.  He is my first baby to do this and it is the sweetest thing ever.  I just wish he would say Mamma sometimes.
Look at the joy on his face.  

I love you Dadda!!!

By the way, the love affair is mutual.  Daddy is wrapped around this little guys finger several times.

Trying to get caught up!!

The Final running club race ended with three more ribbons.  Boston got a 3rd, Alexa got a 1st and Sera got a 4th.  I am so proud of these kids.  They run the race with over 300 kids and always finish with a ribbon and in the top 100 somewhere.  They have inspired me to be a better example and run also.  You guys make me so proud!  Keep up the good work.

In Alexa's age group two of her best friends also won ribbons.  They took 3 of the 5 places.  Way to go Justyce and Hailey!
Boston's basketball season ended with a sportsmanship award for him.  He is a GREAT kid with a positive attitude.  He just loves to be out there and always tries his best.  Way to go Bubba!