Thursday, March 31, 2011


A few weeks ago we took the kids to Lehi Days. It was a lot of fun. Beck got to ride a horse and do the petting zoo several times. Sera also did the money goat and greased pig. She came very close to getting the pig. She had the best time trying to catch it! (sorry no pictures). The kids all loved it.
Boston and Alexa started out the day with Mutton Bustin!
Here is Boston before
Here he is now that he sees what he has to do
dressed and ready
Hold on tight
Off he goes! He made it all the way to the whistle. He did great. He says he can't wait to do it again next year!! Way to go Bubba.
Miss Alex ready to go, of course smiling!
What a Woman!
Off she goes!
and goes
and if you look close, STILL going. Her sheep took her all the way back to the corrals, and she never let go. I told her to just hang on the longest and she could win. I forgot to tell her that the whistle meant she could let go!! When she got done she said, "I didn't want to let go because then I would have to fall off and get dirty!" This girl keeps me on my toes!!!
I had to put the picture of Alexa with the pig. She begs for a pet pig all the time. This is the closest she will EVER get!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dr Seuss

The kids had Dr. Seuss week at school that ended with them dressing up as a character from one of his books. We had Boston as THING 1 (his friend from class was thing 2), Sera was SAM I AM, and Alexa was 10 APPLES UP ON TOP! Alexa got picked to be a finalist but didn't win in the end. They all looked cute!

TaLeNt ShOw!!!!

My little Diva Alex couldn't wait to be in the talent show. She choreographed, fashion designed and bossed her way right up on that stage with a little help from her cousin Grace, her friend Brooke and a spotlight performance from Bos and Brooke's little brother Eli.
The Group
up on stage
Boston came out to do a head spin and a coffee grinder..... I love the look on his face!
The final pose.
They danced to the Chipmunks Funky Town. The dance was very cute. They can shake some serious booty, they looked really cute, and the dance a hit! These three 8 and 9 year olds did a great job and the two boys were great sports!
Beck sporting his diva gear he stole from his sister!

Beautiful Smile

Sera got her braces back on. She couldn't be more excited! She has been begging to get them on and done so she could be done by Jr. High. It will be close. She may finish just in time. She is doing great. She will have and even MORE beautiful smile in the end!

Ethans Run

Frankie Ran the 10k this year . The kids were just getting better, still to sick to run, and Frankie had a hurt knee so he couldn't do the 1/2 he was going to run. With a hurt knee and all he came in 9th overall and 3rd in his age group! Way to go gimpy!!

We always have a great time at this race and love supporting such a good cause.