Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I ran to pick Alexa up at dance class this afternoon and came home to this...

Both boys sound asleep.  
They stayed this way until after I feed the other kids dinner.  Wish I was like this, can't fall asleep with a baby in my arms and sitting up, no way!  Love these moments:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rock Star

Happy 7th Birthday Alexa!  You were born on the move with a little spark in your eye and a grin on your face.  We love you!  You keep us all entertained.

This year Alexa got to have a friend birthday party.  Dad was going to be in Mexico for a Triathlon (he did awesome, way to go!) so we had a little dinner and family party on her birthday so dad could be there.
She wanted to go to Texas Road house.  She was really embarrassed when they made her sit on the saddle.  I think this is the only time that she smiled.  On the
 way home she said "I didn't want to get on that thing, Uncle Jason just put me on there"  She was a good sport!
Then we came home to her requested Banana Cake with both sets of Grandparents and Uncle Jason.

The next night we had a Rock Star Party.

  Look how cute my rock star is!
Here are all the kids saying rock star!
My Security Gaurds, they had to check the backstage passes to let the girls in!

Here Are the Backstage passes.  They were also the Party Invitation.
This is my personal rock band!

Alexa said that Beckom and I had to dress up too.  Breinholt Rockers!
We broke up into teams and had a rock band tournament.  The Girls all named their band and we recorded the songs to make a music video for them.
The Drummer!

It was a fun night with Pizza and Ice Cream sundaes.  I could not have pulled it all off with out my family and all there help.  Thanks Everyone!


Here they all are dressed for church.  Impossible to get a good picture with the baby.  They are always looking at him instead!
We had a fun weekend.  We did the traditional Anderson family hunt and picnic on saturday.  The big difference this year was the winter coats.  It was COLD!
On sunday we have a second Easter with the Breinholts.  This year Aunt Shelley made all the girls these cute hats.
Here is Boston watching as all of the girls get there picture taken.  Poor kid is seriously out numbered.  Misty's 3 girls weren't even there.  He is surrounded by little girls his age!  Maybe that is why he likes girls so much!
Breinholt egg hunt!

It was a great Easter together as a family.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Chubby Baby!

We have never experienced a fat happy baby in our house before.  Until now!!  He is so chubby, his double chin is huge, his stomach is giant and he has rubber band arms and cottage cheese legs.  So FUN!!

Isn't he so cute!

He is a future sumo wrestler! *notice the drool*

Boston told me he wanted to watch Beckom.  So in he takes him to the playroom.  I had to take a picture of the boys watching cartoons and holding hands.  He actually laid there like that for 30 minutes!  That's amazing for both of them.

Last Saturday morning, Frankie went on a early bike ride.  Sera woke up when he left(of course).  So, at around 7:30 here she is in my room with breakfast in bed for mom.  She had made french toast all by herself!  She is so sweet.