Friday, November 28, 2008

A Pilgrim, A Turkey Trot, and A Feast

We started the holiday weekend off with a program by Alexa's 1st grade.  She was a Pilgrim. They sang a few songs for us and then had a little feast.  It was very cute! 

Thanksgiving morning, Frankie, Sera, and Alexa did the Turkey Trot.  Sera and Alexa ran the 2 mile with Mike, Stacey and their kids.  

Here is the Turkey!  Can you tell which one it is??
This is Frankie's friend Dallas and his dad.  There were over 2100 people that ran just the 10K.  There was also a 1 mile and a 2 mile run.  It was crazy around there!
Sera and Alexa did great!  They both ran it in about 22 minutes.  I am so grateful that Mike and Stacey let them run with them.  Boston did a great job taking care of mommy and cheering everyone on!
Frankie did the 10K.  He enjoyed it and finished with a good time.  He finished in about 48 minutes.   He even beat the turkey!  I have a lot of work to do to catch up with my family for next year.
This year we had Thanksgiving in Payson with my family.  
The Food was AMAZING (thanks mom and dad)!
It was a great day!  We all enjoyed ourselves, ate too much, and had a great time!

Christmas Concert

My Kids are all in a singing group and they had their Christmas Concert.  "Santa and the Sleigh Riders"  They all  had speaking parts and did a great job!  My battery went dead on my camera so I didn't get the best pictures.

Boston and Alexa were both Reindeer!  They memorized all the lines and sang great!

Sera was "Jerry Lee"  She had a lot of lines and remembered all of them.  It was fun to watch and we are very proud of them all.  Good Job Guys!

Happy 5th Birthday Boston!

My Little boy turned 5 last week.  I can't believe it!  He is so funny and keeps me busy.  He loves to do whatever Dad thinks is cool!  He loves to tease his sisters and play jokes on everyone!
He wanted a donut cake for his birthday so that is what I made him.  Can't beat that easy request.
My kids don't get a big party every year.  So this year Boston wanted to go to a movie and dinner at Oregano's(he likes the dough ball they give out to play with)!  We invited his friends Noah and Hunter, Jason, Niki and her Boys, My Parents, and the Roylance family.
It was a lot of fun.  Happy Birthday Bubba!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We have had the hardest time naming this baby!  I have had him named a few times but nothing has clicked for Frankie.  So I put a little poll of my 3 favorites that he seems agreeable on.  If any one would like to vote or leave input, maybe that would help.  If not, Frankie wants to name him Bond...  I am not really diggin it!!ha-ha

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our last get-a-way!!

This is the only picture we took.  SORRY!!  After having several years of what I would like to call freedom, I am about to start over.  With my kids so old we have been able to enjoy taking trips together.  That is about to change.  We decided to take a quick weekend to Salt Lake, just the two of us.  It was so nice to just relax together and spend time.  I am sure that Frankie got a little bored.  With my current condition I did more relaxing than anything else.  We did go to the temple one day, saw 007, did a little shopping, ate out, and saw music and the spoken word.  It was a great weekend.  Thank You Frankie for taking me(even if I didn't give you much of a choice!!)  It was a great trip.

Veterans day Program and a Cheetah!

Sera's third grade put on a program for Veterans Day.  Her class was the Air force.  It was a GREAT program.  I couldn't believe what a good job they did and how hard they worked.  They had veterans in the audience that were crying.  It was really cool!  Good job Sera!

This is Sera with her Friend Lauren!
Then a few days later I came home to a Little Cheetah at my house...
I guess while I was gone, Alexa had painted her own face.  Then Boston wanted his done also.  So Alexa got up and sat in the bathroom sink and turned Boston into a cheetah!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bike Riders!

We have been trying to get Alexa and Boston to take off the training wheels on their bikes.  They have tried a few times with a LOT of whining.  So, today Boston asked Frankie to help him and after just a few times, he was riding.  As soon as Alexa saw this she wanted to do it also.  Frankie got her balanced, gave a little push and off she went by herself.  They were so excited.  
Alexa had great balance and figured it out really fast. She was mad when it got dark and we made her come in for the night.  She had a huge grin and was so proud of herself!  She was concentrating and very quiet (unlike her little brother)!
Boston was a MADMAN!  Once he got started he went all out.  He fell more times than I can count.  On one of the last falls he said "again!!  What the Freakin' HECK am I doing!"   jumped back on and went again.  He would hit the curbs flying and then fall.  We were having the best laugh.  He made lots of noises and peddled as fast as he could.
They did so good.  GREAT job guys!


This year Mike and stacey had a party .  The kids loved trick or treating with "some" of the cousins.  It was a fun night!

This is the 
scary pose!

Boston was DRACULA!! He played up the part!  He told me exactly what costume, how it should look and ALL about vampires.  He
 loves the movie "little vampire"

Alexa was a
 witch.  NOT a good witch.  She was also very specific on her costume.  She had to have a green face and a wig.
Sera was Hannah Montana.  That was the easiest because of the hair!  She looked very cute.  And way to grown up for me!!
We had a great halloween!!