Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin carvin' and belly decoratin'

So last night we painted and carved our pumpkins.
Sera got to carve her own for the first time.  (The kids usually paint them!)
This is Alexa's painted pumpkin and Fat Joe(from an earlier post)!  SO her personality, notice the mustache...
Boston spent most of the time painting his name on his.  He is so proud of his BOSTON pumpkin!!
And this lovely art work is compliments of Frankie.  This kids loved it, me not so sure! ha-ha

Monday, October 27, 2008

2008 SOMA Triathlon Tempe AZ

Frankie had his last triathlon for this season.  It was right here at home.  The kids got to have a sleep over with cousins (thanks Mike and Stacey!).  That made it a great race for me!!  It was at Tempe Town Lake.  Jason came and took some great pictures for us!

This is the start of his swim!  CRAZY!!
Coming out of the water!

Here he is crossing the finish line!
Both Frankie's parents and mine were there to cheer him on.  Thanks for the support.  It was so appreciated.
Frankie did such a good job on this race.  He beat all of his old times and just looked like he was doing great.    He has been such an example to our family.  Sera now wants to do the Turkey Trot this year.  I am very proud of him and all the hard work he puts into the race!  Good job Frankie!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Papa's Pumpkin Patch!

This weekend we were supposed to go to Willcox with my parents and take the kids to a big pumpkin patch and orchard.  We found out that the crops had froze this year so you couldn't pick your own stuff.  My dad came up with an idea to make his garden a pumpkin patch for them  so, off we went to Payson!  When we got there he had placed pumpkins all around the garden for the kids to choose.   They loved picking a pumpkin that Grandpa had "grown"!

Alexa went straight for the biggest pumpkin
  she named it Fat Joe Breinholt

She didn't want anybody to take it 
and tried to move it by herself
(she actually got it pretty far)
Boston and his 
He loved the whole day
Sera calls hers the perfect pumpkin!

After choosing all the pumpkins Frankie and the kids worked together to clean out the garden and get it ready for winter!  The kids had a lot of fun and worked hard.  It was great to see them all working together and having a good time.

We also took the kids on a picnic and fishing.  I didn't have my camera.  They had a great time.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

gardening and canning at Grandma and Papa's

Papa planted a big garden this year.  I got the idea to go and can some of the tomatoes.  So we took the kids up and got to work.  Eric and his kids came over and we all picked vegetables together.
We picked tomatoes, 2 kinds of squash, zucchini, bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans, and chili peppers.

This is only half of the vegetables that we picked.
The kids had a lot of fun doing it and were very helpful.  It was a great experience for the entire family.
Later that night my mom, dad and I canned the tomatoes we picked!  Thanks for all of the help and letting me have the tomatoes.  We loved it!!

Flag Football!

Boston is playing flag football this year.  He loves it!!  He is one of the youngest on the team.  It is fun to watch.  He has started to watch football with dad and really getting excited about it.  
He thinks the mouthguard is the coolest part!  He tells everyone that he is a football player!!

Sera's Party!

Sera and her friend Lauren had a joint 9th birthday party at Bounce Jungle!  It was a lot of fun.

We had 25 kids, Krispy Kreme's, and a lot of fun and noise!!  It worked out GREAT to let them have the party together.  They share the same group of friends and then we added in a few cousins.  It was a great night!