Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Years

We headed out to the cabin this year for a little ski trip and fun with the cousins. I did a horrible job taking pictures. It was a great week, lots of sledding, skiing, movies and fun with the family.

This year was the first time with no lessons for anybody. Frankie took Sera and Boston up for a half day and then Alexa and I joined in the next day. They did a great job. Everybody had a hard time on the first run but got the hang of it after that. Alexa was pretty nervous, she even got a bloody nose just from crying. After the drama, she did AWESOME!
Here is a part of the gang on New Years Eve! Its always a fun time with cousins!!

Christmas is finally here!

Christmas was on Sunday this year. So we tortured the kids and hung a sheet up so they couldn't see if Santa came. We got up and had Christmas breakfast and then went to church. Here is the best picture we could get. It may have helped if Frankie would smile. Good thing we love him!
Alex looking fine
Beckom the little man
Sera looking so cute
Boston the stud
After church the kids wanted to put their pajamas back on. Then the sheet finally came down!

We LOVE christmas and this year was no exception. Its always a great time, we love being together and all of the traditions.

Christmas Eve

Here we are Christmas Eve! Eating our traditional Outback take-out by candlelight followed by decorating cookies for Santa.
Beckom loved putting the carrots out for the reindeer
We took our little walk around the neighborhood to see the luminaries. Its always so beautiful.
And of course the Christmas Jammies. I loved them this year. Soon I am sure they won't let me buy them matching ones so I have to take advantage of it while I can.
I was pretty sneaky and took a picture after Santa came. That is always one of my favorite moments. The house is all ready for Christmas, the kids are all asleep, its perfect!
Bring on Christmas morning!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beckom isTHREE

On December 16th our little man turned 3! I can't belive my baby is 3 already. we had a little party at home with the grandparents and his requested donut cake.
He loved his truck and boat from grandma and Papa! Happy Birthday Buddy!

Things we love about Beckom at 3:
Easy going
Always smiling
He is shy but if he is comfortable around you he always has something funny to say
To say he is full of personality is putting it mildly
He talks a lot, just like an adult
One of my favorite things he says is when I ask him how much I love him or he loves me, he always says "too much"
He doesn't walk, he struts
He is a very picky eater (new to our house)
He says "sumking" for something
He loves his brother and sisters, he calls them his kids
He tells Boston EVERYDAY "you are my best friend"
He absolutely adores his daddy
He loves tools and cars, trucks, quads, motorcycles. Most days he pretends to fix all of them
He loves to put gas in everything (fake) and mow the lawns with dad and Boston every week. His favorite day is when the lawn gets mowed.
We love you little man, Too much!!

Who cuts your hair??

Beckom cuts his own hair I guess. If you look close he has one ear showing. That's because he cut off all the hair around it. He also cut random chunks all over his head including a very big one off the top.
When I asked him what he did, this was his reaction followed by a whole lotta tears. At least he felt bad, right?
The best part was that he cut it with the little craft scissors that I didn't even think I needed to hide. He must of had to hack for a long time.
Oh Well, he's still cute!