Monday, March 24, 2008


Just a few pictures of easter! Or kids got to enjoy two days of it. We had a party at our friends on Saturday and then a family Easter on Sunday! It was a great weekend!

More Spring Break!

With two full weeks off we got to pack in a lot of fun!! We have had sleep overs, friends to play, zoo trips, bowling, swimming (yes, we spent a day swimming already!), watching a movie in our
backyard AND Easter! I think mom is tired and ready for a "mom" spring break now!!

This was our zoo day with the cousins!

This was our movie adventure in the back yard! Friday Night we put up the trampoline tent, popped popcorn and watched Enchanted(everybody watched except dad who fell asleep in the first 5 min.)!!

We also went bowling, I REALLY don't love to bowl!! The kids LOVED it!! Our friends went with us and it was a fun day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

No more Mama's Boy Hair!!

I finally did it! I love Boston's hair long, but when he came to me and said, "can you PLEASE cut my hair to look like dad,"I had to do it! I fought it for a while, but it is finally short! Daddy was begging too! He still looks really cute! It is supposed to be styled like in the picture, but he flattens it out with his hand every time we style it. He says it looks weird sticking up!

P.S. Even with a hair cut he is the biggest Mama's Boy EVER!!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Break!

On the last day of School before spring break my Girls had a concert! As you can see from the smile on Alexa's face she loves to sing. She
did a GREAT job. It was a lot of fun to watch!

Sera was very excited because s
he was one of only four second grade students that got to be in a skit about bullying. They had to write, practice, and perform it! She did great! She keeps telling everybody that only the BEST students got picked to do the skit! It was a great start to spring break!

After the Concert we went to stay at my Parents house for the Weekend. It was a lot of fun! The kids love to just run and play in the huge yard! I put these pictures of Uncle Jason with all the kids because they Love him so much. He is always helping out with ALL our kids. I looked out the window and at one point he was holding a crying kid in one arm, another kid in his other arm, trying to push two kids on the swing, and catching one coming down the slide! What an AWESOME uncle!! We love you Jason! Thanks for being such a great sport!! (p.s. Jason I know you are going to be mad because I put this on my blog, I couldn't resist!)