Saturday, March 9, 2013

Alexa is double digits!

This girl loves her Birthday!  She starts planning her next birthday the day after the one she just finished.  This year it was simple. She wanted a giant cookie at school, Red robin for dinner and an IPod.  I guess she would say she had a great Birthday!

Things we love about Alex:

Life is never dull with her around
She has a killer memory
She is extremely organized in her thoughts and how she plans her life
She is SUPER intelligent
She dances everywhere and all the time
When she smiles it lights up the entire room
She is a natural mother and can't wait to be one
When she decides to do something she does it right
I never have to worry about her not doing things the right way, she is usually correcting me!
She has a flair for fashion especially accessories (never leaves home without several)
She loves make-up and doing hair

We are so glad she is in our family, we love you Alexa!

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