Thursday, September 27, 2012

LIFE.... a few random pictures of what we do around here!

I took the girls out for a date night.  They loved looking at the prom dresses.  They each wanted a picture of what they thought was the prettiest

When we irrigate we get a cute little duck couple in our yard for a visit
This would be the kids system of "helping mom remember everything"
Nothing like a little bed head
Boston is always the first swim of the year... he can't wait for summer
Preparing for Girls camp with the cowgirls this year
Took our preteen on a date to Hunger Games
I can't tell you how often I find this boy doing this!  He is teaching Reed some great habits!!
Alexa's subtle way of letting me know she didn't get the new shoes she wanted
Lots of hanging by the pool with the kids
Beck got to go to work with Daddy...can you say best day EVER!


Ashley Breinholt said...

Love the girls dress choices. Very beautiful. Tell beckom that Casen is jealous of his fun on the "diggers" he said to tell uncle Frankie that he wants a turn too!

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